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Nobody led me away from my direction so absurdly and made me do so many stops on my way of art as fools did.

Why did I confide in them then?

Since the time of Pushkin and Gogol there have always been many fools and the lost in the world that was given to us by birth. And every artist has weakness for the fallen. For he understands with his inner feeling that no matter what motives you have it is a sin to manipulate the lost. And the ones who manipulate them will never be washed clean before the Truth. And old fellows, communists, tried to put away these bitter Lermontov’s words – a watershed - “Land of slaves, land of lords” by means of an axe. And they tried to reach the gates of Paradise by sea of everyday squabbles using paddles – good intentions. By now their deeds are known to everybody!

The path of fools will not overgrow

In the country with no reforms without revolutions

A baby on a little finger will bring

Delight of ugly pollutions.

There is no such ugly division into Slaves and Lords in any richest country of the world as it is here.

And we, Artists, like a thin stratum, like an intervertebral construction, which makes the society flexible and fit for reforms, find ourselves in a foolish situation. Lords don’t need us for we awake people’s consciousness but the people are too poor and busy with daily problems.

A genuine artist will always be a symbol, a milestone of the time and of the country he lived in. And if the mighty of this world manipulate him just for their own profit then it only leads to delusions and harm.

I called my new painting style the Architecture of Expressive Thinking because of several reasons.

First of all, it is above all the Architecture of a certain idea, and not the painting in its classical understanding when it is very important to paint the air.

Secondly, the Expression is like illumination, an insight into the idea at one glance.

Thirdly, Thinking is like a wheel-horse in a Russian troika.